Here you can read MY STORY

— Ella Fine Art was born as a necessity in helping people


In an era when everything comes down to the mind and when we feel this urgent need to act in order to evade it, mindfulness activities are the key to our problem. Back in 2016, when I was struggling between life and death, one of the things that helped and had a big and positive impact in my healing process was to be present in the moment, to have as much mindfulness activities as I could. Photo Therapy was my favorite one.
One year later, after finishing my treatment, I had the opportunity to make therapy through photography, with 7 gorgeous women, who were during their cancer treatment or already finished it. That was the moment when I understood, how powerful is to see our inner beauty, and how this can help each of us in growing our self love.

— Every time I hear from my clients the phrase " I didn't knew that I am so beautiful", I know I'm doing the right thing in my life


I am considering myself a creator. The difference between an ordinary photo shoot and a fine art one is that first, I am creating the story, the concept and the magic around you, then comes the photography itself. I am convinced that a magical atmosphere, a mindfulness state of mind and positive emotions can help me bring your inner beauty to the surface and catch it with my camera.

How a Fine Art Photo Shoot is organised?

— 01


We meet for a cup of coffee or tea and have a pre-photo shoot consultation and planning session, where we discuss all the details such as : the concept, the main idea, location, clothing style, hairstyle, make up, accessories, etc.

— 02


The photo shoot, itself, takes place.

— 03


~ You have the opportunity to choose by yourself the photos that you want to be retouched from the RAWs. 
~ Your photos will be edited to the highest high end retouch standards.
~ An online personal client area gallery for sharing the photos with friends and family